Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lectionary Notes


It is now Tuesday evening after the Fifth Sunday in Lent, which was for long known as Passion Sunday, a name which has now been given to Palm Sunday. Another name for Lent V was 'Care Sunday', care in this case meaning 'trouble' or 'suffering'. Thus it was another term for 'Passion'. It was an old custom, especially in the north of England, to eat dried peas fried in butter on this day. These were called 'carlings', which Brewer suggests evolved from 'care''.
The readings for Passion or Palm Sunday are the same every year except for the two Gospel readings. The readings for Maundy Thirsday and Good Friday are also the same in all three years. There are comments on these days and their readings in the posting for Wednesday, March 19, 2008, if you would like to look them up. I am now going to get back to reading the Passion according to St Luke; if time allows, and there is some impirtant point that can be made briedly, I shall add further comments.

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