Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An Additional Note for Lent

The Carbon Fast
Over the past two years or so, the idea of a Carbon Fast for Lent has been proposed and gained a large following. I believe it would be negligent not to bring this idea to as wide an audience as possible, and so I bring it to my small band of readers and hope you will pass it on.
It would be otiose for me to repeat what is well presented elsewhere, so here is link to this week's Anglicans Online, from where you can travel to places with further information: http://anglicansonline.org/ (Anglicans Online has much more good material for Lent as well.)
It worries me a little that this important idea sometimes seems to be presented as something you would do instead of the traditional way of fasting. I should have thought that it was something to do as well as those other things. For being more careful in the use of resources is not something to be done for Lent and then given up. Lent is simply a good time to begin it, and to do more intentionally what should then be carried on for the rest of the year.
Later on, I will report on my Lent reading for this year.
Have a blessed Lent and a wonderful Easter

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