Thursday, March 20, 2008


Being a novice blogger, I first learned how to post material and then started fiddling with the template.* It's much improved I think. It was while I was fiddling with the template that the tempter spoke (or wrote): Google invites one to allow advertising geared to the topic on one's blog and make money. Ooooh; that's just what I need, considering how eagerly employers are looking for middle-aged academic clergymen nowadays
Long before I ask, whether this could be right, fitting, or consistent with the dignity of a clerk in holy orders (since financial uncertainty is obviously consistent with that dignity), a more practical question comes up: whether it would pay enough to justify facing those questions. Or should I seek my fortune teaching folk how to construct questions in indirect discourse, a very rare talent in today's world? They offer to pay by the click. I think I know what that means, but I am left wondering just how much a click might be worth. On that point they are silent. I could ask, I suppose, but listening to my own sermons has convinced me to avoid entering into conversation with a tempter: look what happened to Eve. There would be ads all over my blog before I could say "how much .....?"
Then I wonder, what sort of advertisements would advertisers think fit to accompany notes on the readings for Good Friday? I shudder to think. What sponsor would bring you historiographical arguments about the Conference at Hampton Court of 1604, if I ever get around to writing up my work in a sort of way fitting for the Blog?** (By the way, do I need to capitalize Blog even if I don't capitalize on it?)
For the moment, no advertising. But I may look into it.

* I am surprised to discover that the word "template" is not on the first edition of the OED. How did we get on without it for so long?

**None that I can think of, since no one yet makes "My Little Beagle" action figures or other toys linked to the life and career of Robert Cecil, first Earl of Salisbury. I'm sure children would love them.

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